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No one deserves to be victimized, whatever the circumstances.

Create Impact Consulting understands that we are most effective in interrupting and eliminating violence when we work together- together with our patients, maximizing each and every patient encounter-together with each other as staff between systems of care and with leadership and insurance providers- and together as part of a larger support network within our communities.


The healthcare community is in a privileged position to create positive impact because they are interacting with patients who have been affected by violence on a daily basis.

When the focus shifts from symptoms of injury and illness, to the underlying violence at the root, we can better impact the health of patients. On the other hand, if we fail to recognize the serious impact of violence on health, we become one of the individuals or systems in that person’s life complicit in perpetuating a trajectory of violence. In short, when we do nothing to address violence, we become part of the problem. No patient-caregiver interaction is neutral and even small gestures can be powerful and can help to reframe perspective and create hope and change that improve overall health!

Healthcare professionals have a responsibility to work with patients in a compassionate and trauma-minimizing way, in order to not create more harm. Professionals and systems can be ill-prepared to respond to the complicated issues created by violence, and because of this sometimes we never address the root. Having appropriate procedures in place to recognize and respond to violence will improve patient care as well as staff efficiency and satisfaction.

Acknowledging the harmful effects of violence to individuals, families and communities is paramount to ending violence. Forming community partnerships is critical in developing an effective and seamless response. We can make a difference when we integrate services with others who form part of a larger network including payers, advocates, victim-survivor service providers, prevention specialists, legal professionals, social workers, law enforcement, corrections, NGOs, legislators and governmental agencies.

It is the strong position of Create Impact Consulting that in order to be effective, relevant, and to maintain credibility and accountability, the primary training of healthcare systems needs to be by healthcare professionals. Multidisciplinary trainings can be ideal, when led by healthcare professionals who understand the nuances of the healthcare professional role as well as those limitations, and who understand the depth of the relationship between violence and health. Our unique expertise adds rich perspective when we are part of multidisciplinary team work.


Meaningful interactions can and should be done in the context of the healthcare professional’s role; we are not agents of law enforcement even when we need to make a mandatory report. We have a unique role, that when mobilized, can be incredibly powerful and help to interrupt a cycle of violence. Create Impact Consulting values your role and expertise and would love to work with you to develop more efficient and effective ways of collaborating to improve the health of individuals and our communities.


Advocacy and legal advocacy is a critical part of patient-survivor support. Long after the injury heals and the case is closed, the effects of violence remain and advocates can offer support to survivors for years to come. Advocates can help by being completely biased-an important distinction for forensic specialty areas- and by being active liaisons with healthcare and legal systems or helping to find food, shelter, mental health or other necessary resources. When advocates and health professionals collaborate, they understand the depth as well as the limitation of each role. Create Impact Consulting would love to work with you to integrate advocacy into regular patient care as we know this is an important part of best practice for patient-survivors.


Frontline healthcare professionals may need additional training to fully understand their own responsibilities and implications for not understanding concepts like mandatory reporting, consent, confidentiality and even HIPPA. Create Impact Consulting would love to collaborate with you to develop opportunities for professional dialogue between the intersections of law and healthcare to help inform the work of each role, decrease individual and organizational liability and ensure an ethical and excellent patient care experience.


Payers who understand the tremendous human and financial cost of violence have a unique opportunity to interrupt cycles of violence. Failure to address violence at the root of symptoms can lead to a worsening of the illness, disease, mental health disorder or addiction resulting from years of chronic violence, abuse and exploitation. We would love to work with you as you commit to recognizing the lifelong negative effects of violence. We know this will help to create a culture of excellence for patients and healthcare systems, and will save precious time, money and resources across the continuum of care.


Create Impact Consulting considers you as the survivor the expert of your healthcare and your life. Change and the need for change or the need to not make a change, is in the eye of the beholder and must be respected. We would love to collaborate with you to help improve the healthcare response, understand where it has not met your needs in the past and help ensure that each and every encounter a survivor has with a healthcare professional is a positive one!

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In order to end violence, systems and laws must be in place that provide a framework for the promotion of health and safety as well as holding perpetrators accountable. Create Impact Consulting would love to work with you to maximize the opportunity that exists at the intersection of health and violence. Understanding what can and cannot be done within the professional healthcare role is important to informing new policy and effectively utilizing existing legislation for the benefit of patient health.


With a vision of “a world without violence and oppression,” Create Impact Consulting understands that focusing on prevention, and working with experts in this area, are critical to the elimination of violence. We recognize that rich opportunities exist to incorporate prevention into daily patient interactions, healthcare systems, and societal and organizational culture, and recognize the importance of first challenging our own attitudes and beliefs. We would love to collaborate with you to optimize this opportunity at the intersection of health and violence and to ensure that Create Impact Consulting continues to keep prevention in the forefront of everything we do.


The area of mental health is critically important, and potentially the area in which patients are the most affected by violence abuse and exploitation. Living with chronic toxic violence, neglect and ongoing trauma negatively impacts health and mental health and creates lifelong harms and health issues. Create Impact Consulting recognizes the enormity of mental health needs created by violence and would love to help integrate the silos of healthcare and mental health.


Violence has a ripple effect on individuals, families and communities. If you work in any capacity with or know someone affected by violence this will be clear. Create Impact Consulting values the roles of individual community members, friends, family, clergy and others. We appreciate all you do to support, keep involved with, and keep informed in order to help end violence!


Perpetrators are working 24 hours a day, so it is imperative that we work together to establish programs and sustainable bridges of support that can be accessed at any time of day or night. Thank you for all you do for survivors! Create Impact Consulting welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with you to help healthcare professionals and systems and create and maintain a more compassionate and effective response to those who have been victimized.


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